Likely you are reading this because you have or have had some issues with your broadband. I’ve worked in the business of IT support for quite a while now and here are some helpful ways of dealing with the most popular issues.

Does your broadband come from a phone provider? Sky, Eir, BT etc. Read below.

If you are using technology from a provider offering their services via a phone line (ISDN, VDSL etc) then there are a couple of potential issues so you need to do some troubleshooting. Here are some troubleshooting steps to take.

On the front of these modems, there will be a status light for your phone line. When your broadband drops does this light turn off or change colour? This will suggest that you have either a faulty modem or a line issue. If you have already had a replacement router then it is likely the latter. What you have to remember here is that the phone company will not deal with dodgy wiring inside your house so if the problem is beyond the 1st original phone point (called the demarcation point) then you are likely out of luck. You’ll need the services of a phone engineer, data installer or electrician to sort it out if you don’t have the know-how. It’s very easy to replace and repair these internal cables so you should have a stab at it yourself if you have any idea what you are doing.

Phone line issues don’t usually go up and down but I’ve seen it happen. It’s more likely that you have a bad router. This normally means that you have to power it on and power it off in order to restore services. The best fix here is always to buy your own router. I don’t really like to push brands but in terms of ADSL or VDSL modem routers, I have had success with the mid range Netgear modems. If you go down this road you will need to verify your line type. Some routers support VDSL, VDSL+, and ADSL but you don’t want to have a box worth a hundred quid keeping your door open so make sure before you buy anything. You’ll also need the details for your provider so you can set up your new box.

If you are connected and your ISP says everything is good, then check out THIS post.

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