It’s something that comes up with my line of business more often than I would like. Has my account been hacked?

Before continuing the article, check your email account(s) in the following website to see if your account(s) were accessed and published: Have I Been Pwned?

Often, when hackers go after large sites they publish the information on (usually sketchy) websites. This information can be sold to potential cyber criminals for relatively small amounts of money when you take into account the money that could be made from accessing your email accounts. Once they get in they can search for your online accounts and start resetting passwords. Usually by the time you notice, the damage is done.

My advice?

I can speak from experience. I have had my Gmail accounts compromised as well as my PlayStation network, LinkedIn and Blizzard account. The only one that had the potential to cause me some grief was my Blizzard account but I managed to get in and alert them quickly so the damage was minimal.

You should have 2 form factor authentication on all of your accounts. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass but would you rather a pain in the ass or a hole in your bank account? When paired with your online account, two form factor apps like Google’s Authenticator app will generate a code linked to your paired account. The generated code is required when you want to access your accounts. This is about as secure as you can get without having to spend any money.

Stay safe!

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