Hololens is the Microsoft offering to augmented reality (Microsoft like to call it mixed reality) and just in case you are not up on the term, augmented reality is a mix between the real world and virtual reality. I believe that the Hololens is the direction that virtual / augmented / mixed reality will start going and the main reason for this is the way that the Hololens scans the environment so that you remain spatially aware. A big problem that has come to light with virtual reality is the loss of spatial awareness as the user becomes completely immersed in the virtual world and fall over, become dizzy etc. as they try to adjust.


Gamers love the idea of Hololens but truly, I see this as mainly being an educational tool. The Hololens is a self-contained full blown PC with the ability to act as a workstation anywhere you go. As an educational tool, students, doctors, engineers, architects etc will be able to work with life like 3d renders of their projects just wearing a headset. Architects could see their buildings come to life and strip them back in real time to identify any potential issues etc. The user of Hololens could be transported to another world by completely augmenting the surroundings while still having spatial awareness of their surroundings. The possibilities for this are limitless as this device develops over the next few years.

Check out this video demonstrating the medical capabilities of Hololens. Hololens medical demo

Granted if you were to wear this anywhere outside of your home / office you probably run the risk of being killed for it as it’s currently only available to developers. My brother is one of these developers and has promised to write a review for us as soon as he stops walking around talking to himself and swiping mid-air.

Hololens medical use
Hololens medical use


How much does it cost?

So, the burning question…..How do I get one and how much does it cost? Like I said earlier if you are a registered developer you can pick one up for $3,000. If you’re not a developer and you’re looking to pick one up from another source be prepared to pay between 5 & 6k! Again if you’re not a developer i think you may find that it’s a seriously large spend considering that it’s not really ready for consumers. Sure, RoboRaid looks like fun but i expect that it wouldn’t be long before you would be seriously bored as a toy

Hololens headband
Hololens headband


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