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You can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free!

Free windows

Are you annoyed that you missed the deadline for your free windows 10 upgrade? Well, fear not because you can still upgrade, legally for free. Microsoft has said that it will continue to offer the free upgrade to anyone that uses assistive technology and all you have to do is follow the link at the end of the page.

So yes, it may be morally wrong to say you use assistive technology to get a free upgrade but I personally find it easier than shelling out for a new copy.

Make it rain

From Microsofts web page:

For the general public, the free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends on July 29. However, if you use assistive technologies, you can still get the free upgrade offer even after the general public deadline expires as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies.

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we’ve taken a number of steps to improve the accessibility of Windows 10. To learn more, read our blog that details some of these improvements.

Before you upgrade, please check with your assistive technology provider(s) to learn more about their software compatibility with Windows 10.

If you want Windows 10 now and are ready to take advantage of the free upgrade offer, select the button below to get started.

Yes, I use assistive technologies and I am ready for my free upgrade to Windows 10. *

Happy with all of that? Then head over HERE and get your copy for free!

If I’ve saved you a few quid, then give the article a share or a like for us.

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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Bitcoins: Money you cant touch

I wrote a piece previously on The Deep Web which you can find Here and briefly touched on Bitcoins and promised that I would write a piece about them.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a digital currency launched in 2009. It was originally joked and laughed at but has grown significantly over the last few years. They have really come into their own since 2014. There have been digital currencies in the past but none have taken off quite like Bitcoins have. There is a stigma that the only people who use Bitcoins are people who wish to purchase illegal goods on the dark web but this is very far from the truth. Although the currency is the primary payment used on illegal internet sites it also provides very useful alternatives to retailers worldwide. For example, credit card companies charge vendors for using their card systems which can be a set fee or a percentage of the transaction (depending on where you are and your provider). The credit card fee is typically between 2 and 4% whereas the fee for using Bitcoins can be 0-2% which will make a difference to any business.

The system works on a Peer to Peer basis so there is no need for an intermediary. The system is maintained by its users referred to as miners. Miners run computers that maintain the blockchain in which all transactions are recorded and verified using cryptography. A major pitfall of a currency that has no physical weight on it is that if it gets lost then it stays that way. When you buy coins they are assigned to your wallet address which contains your private key. If this key is lost, it’s lost forever. There was an unverified story of a guy who lost his private key when he discarded his hard drive. It was claimed that he was the owner of 7,500 Bitcoins which at the time had a value of 7.5 Million USD.

Digital Wallets:

A digital wallet is needed for you to easily buy and spend Bitcoins. There are many versions and the speed that you can get up and running will largely depend on the wallet you decide to use. Go here and decide which wallet you want to use but do choose carefully and no matter what wallet you go for back it up and then back up your backup! I use Bitcoin Knots which is fine for the occasional purchase I make but it involves downloading the entire blockchain which is every piece of data for the last 7 years to my hard drive. This equates to around 50Gb of data that must be updated every time you want to spend your bitcoins so it may not be practical for everyone. There are other options so have a good read and make the choice that suits your needs.


Bitcoins, like any currency rise and fall but just check out the graph below which shows the rise of Bitcoins. From 2015 to 2016 they have increased by 300%. If I had all of my money I would be quite happy now but because this is a digital currency, the whole thing could potentially fall down around us so investment is not a wise move at this time.

Bitcoin valueWhere to buy Bitcoins:

There are many places to buy Bitcoins and although I buy mine from a specific vendor, I’m not going to endorse. Do your homework and buy from a trusted vendor. Make sure you get value for money. I have seen people giving awful exchange rates as well as charging a percentage of your local currency which on a large purchase will definitely sting. Also be aware that because the value goes up as well as down, you could end up paying more for your goods than if you use cash. Of course, it can go the other way too.

Happy shopping!


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The Dark Web: What Is It And How To Get There

I’m sure that you have heard the term and probably briefly wondered “what is the Dark web?”. To break it down to it’s simplest terms, the Dark web is “another” internet. The internet or clear web, that you and I use daily is openly indexed by search engines in an effort to make it easy for you to find whatever it is that you are looking for. SEO companies (Search Engine Optimisation) make mega bucks by specialising in making sure that your website, shop, blog etc are easily found. The exact opposite is true of the dark web. These sites are not indexed by search engines and it can be quite hard to find them if you are not sure where to look. This also means that it is very easy to get scammed by wandering on to a site that you believe to be legit but it is not. I have toyed with the idea of providing all of the details you need but really, that would be irresponsible of me. I’ll point you in the right direction and where you go from there is entirely up to you. (more…)

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Mobile Game Hacked – How-To Secure Your Accounts

Today I would like to inform you of a recent security breach as well as help you to secure your online accounts. I wrote an article recently on the LinkedIn database leak and it’s become very obvious that this is becoming something that happens way too often. Recently (14th June 2016) the forum operated by the mobile game “Clash Of Kings” was attacked and compromised. The disturbing fact of this hack is that the hacker claims to have used basic tools to gain access because “The forum was running outdated software”. If this is true, then there should be serious sanctions in place for companies like these. Companies who make shed loads of cash need to ensure that your data is as safe as it can be. (more…)

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Windows 10 – Only free for today so upgrade now!

The title says it all really. Today is your last chance to pick yourself up a copy of Windows 10 for free. From tomorrow the software giant will charge €135 for the home edition and €279 for the pro edition. The question that most users have is can I and perhaps more importantly, should I upgrade and let me get into some reasons as to why I advise you to take the plunge.

Windows 8 was a disaster and 8.1 wasn’t much better and pretty much just tried to bring back the familiarity of the much loved Windows 7. For this reason, most people did not want to upgrade their PC’s & laptops as Windows 7 was stable, relatively quick and probably more importantly, familiar.  The key point that Microsoft seems to forget every now and again is that end users want their machines to be faster, more reliable and safer but this must not come at the cost of having to relearn how to use the machine all over again. This is exactly what happened with Windows 8 and from my experience, this is the reason why most people fear the change to Windows 10.

Let me attempt to put your mind at ease but also let you know that most of you will encounter and issue of some form or another.


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Hololens – What is it and do i need it?

Hololens is the Microsoft offering to augmented reality (Microsoft like to call it mixed reality) and just in case you are not up on the term, augmented reality is a mix between the real world and virtual reality. I believe that the Hololens is the direction that virtual / augmented / mixed reality will start going and the main reason for this is the way that the Hololens scans the environment so that you remain spatially aware. A big problem that has come to light with virtual reality is the loss of spatial awareness as the user becomes completely immersed in the virtual world and fall over, become dizzy etc. as they try to adjust.


Gamers love the idea of Hololens but truly, I see this as mainly being an educational tool. The Hololens is a self-contained full blown PC with the ability to act as a workstation anywhere you go. As an educational tool, students, doctors, engineers, architects etc will be able to work with life like 3d renders of their projects just wearing a headset. Architects could see their buildings come to life and strip them back in real time to identify any potential issues etc. The user of Hololens could be transported to another world by completely augmenting the surroundings while still having spatial awareness of their surroundings. The possibilities for this are limitless as this device develops over the next few years.


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Norman Reedus (Daryl) is to star in a new game and the teaser is EPIC!

Norman Reedus; best-known for his part as Daryl Dixon in “The Walking Dead” is to star in a new video game that has gamers asking themselves WTF? Hideo Kojima who is the creator of the monster that is Metal Gear Solid and last year had a major bust up with Konami that resulted in them parting ways after 30 years has released this teaser about the new game called (at the moment) “Death Stranding” released an amazingly beautiful trailer for the game which leaves everything open to the viewer.


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Has my account been hacked? Check here…..

Have you been hacked?

It’s something that comes up with my line of business more often than I would like. Has my account been hacked?

Before continuing the article, check your email account(s) in the following website to see if your account(s) were accessed and published: Have I Been Pwned?

Often, when hackers go after large sites they publish the information on (usually sketchy) websites. This information can be sold to potential cyber criminals for relatively small amounts of money when you take into account the money that could be made from accessing your email accounts. Once they get in they can search for your online accounts and start resetting passwords. Usually by the time you notice, the damage is done.

My advice?


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LinkedIn hacked – 100 Million accounts compromised

You hear about hacks daily and generally it doesn’t affect you so you ignore it right? Well, it seems that this is one that you might want to take notice of. The business social networking site LinkedIn was hacked in 2012 with 6.5 million people’s credentials posted online. LinkedIn never actually confirmed at the time how many accounts they thought had been compromised but the advice at the time was to change your password.

It has now come to light that more than 100 Million accounts have been compromised by hacker going by the name of “Peace” that managed to find access in 2012. The passwords have been checked by some independents and been confirmed as legitimate.

Is the story reliable?

The original news was brought to light by motherboard and the site have obtained a copy of the database. LeakedSource contacted 3 members from the hacked database and these users confirmed that their details were correct.


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