The title says it all really. Today is your last chance to pick yourself up a copy of Windows 10 for free. From tomorrow the software giant will charge €135 for the home edition and €279 for the pro edition. The question that most users have is can I and perhaps more importantly, should I upgrade and let me get into some reasons as to why I advise you to take the plunge.

Windows 8 was a disaster and 8.1 wasn’t much better and pretty much just tried to bring back the familiarity of the much loved Windows 7. For this reason, most people did not want to upgrade their PC’s & laptops as Windows 7 was stable, relatively quick and probably more importantly, familiar.  The key point that Microsoft seems to forget every now and again is that end users want their machines to be faster, more reliable and safer but this must not come at the cost of having to relearn how to use the machine all over again. This is exactly what happened with Windows 8 and from my experience, this is the reason why most people fear the change to Windows 10.

Let me attempt to put your mind at ease but also let you know that most of you will encounter and issue of some form or another.


Windows 10 is a great operating system. It brings the ease of use of Windows 7 with the speed and stability that you would expect from a modern operating system. If you are a gamer and more specifically, an Xbox One gamer, then you can stream your console straight to your Windows 10 device with ease. The best part about this is that the Xbox does all of the processing while the stream is broadcast by your Wi-Fi or home network so you can stream your high-quality games to your PC that is barely able to handle Tetris.


If you use your PC / laptop for work, then the screen snapping is a fantastic feature that i use daily. Screen snapping is nothing new and in fact, Mac and Linux users have been using this for some time now. The ability to snap 4 applications to each corner of the screen allows you to easily work on spreadsheets while keeping an eye on email, opening a word document etc. all on one screen. If you’re not familiar with the concept, here is a quick clip to show you how it’s done.


The good news is that you don’t need to learn how to use those annoying tiles that everyone hates, you don’t have 2 desktops and you don’t have to search through 18 menus just to power off the computer. So breathe a sigh of relief as your computer boots faster than it ever did before, crashes less and after a week, you’ll forget you even used Windows 7.

If you are using Windows 8, you need to upgrade to 8.1 before you can upgrade to Windows 10 so get on that. If you are on Windows 8, there is literally no reason i can think of to stay where you are! The only reason for thinking should I or should i not upgrade is if you are using 7 because, well 7 is pretty solid and every version of 8 just sucks. This is not just my opinion by the way. I provide IT support for a living and i have spent a huge amount of time sourcing machines that come with windows 7, teaching my clients how to use Windows 8 and generally listening to complaints about the failed OS. So stop reading this and update your crappy OS to one you will be happy to use again.

The bad:

It can’t all be sunshine and lollipops unfortunately. There will be some problems for all of you and you will have to do some digging around to sort them out. The No1 complaint I get is with incompatible printer drivers. So if you have an older printer, i would strongly advise that you head over to the manufacturers site and see if they support Windows 10. Now if they dont, it’s probably going to be ok if you can live without the “Tools” that printer manufacturers supply (Usually called a suite). Windows 10 has built in the capability to manage scanners and printers so generally speaking. you will get back up and running, but be warned!

Edge Browser:

My mother told me that if i have nothing good to say, i should say nothing. Well unfortunately, that wouldn’t work well here so here i go. Microsoft has come out with the edge browser as the default browser in Windows 10 and IMO this is a huge mistake. There are many site incompatibilities and the interface is counter intuitive. So much so that on pretty much all of my client’s machines, i have set the default to another browser. Luckily enough, Internet Explorer is still there and it can be easily set to deafult as can any other browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. The issue is that in order to use sites that require Silverlight, you will have to revert back to Internet Explorer.

I’ll write another piece on tweaking Windows 10 settings and features that will make you feel warm and cosy again in a few days.

Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think about Windows 10, 7 and 8 (8.1).

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